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back in the days & now

About us

  1. Summer in Mt. Saint Michel

    Where it all began

    Stefan’s parents bought him his first camera. A toy, with just pictures spinning around inside, raised his interest more than two decades ago. Later on, in the early 2000`s, he bought his first palm sized digital camera to begin with.

  2. snowboarding & photography

    the entry

    as Stefan got his first real DSLR, he was already heavily addicted to both snowboarding and taking pictures. This were the early stages where the first films and photographs were made for sponsors under the name “Purple Coconut Productions” – a group of friends, producing snowboard DVD’s and celebrating their videos on release party’s.

  3. the birth of 'Stefan Huber Films'

    making it a business

    Having graduated from the local college for mechanical engineering in Innsbruck, Stefan already knew that he wanted to work in the film business. He founded his own company and did his first projects for local businesses and sports brands like Salomon, Bonfire and the like.

  4. how it evolved

    ten years later

    Nowadays, Stefan’s working fields are very wide spread: commercials, TV-shows, cinema productions and web clips are produced in-house. Also, more and more big productions rely on Stefan as a Cinematographer, on set DIT and Colorist.



Over the years, Stefan worked himself up from being a camera assistant. Nowadays, after working for ten years in the filmmaking industry, he works as a director and cinematographer, producing a large variety of films, commercials and documentaries. His technical, yet creative way of thinking is one of the biggest strengths he brings to every production.